9 Reasons Your Next Team Building or Bonding Event Should Be An Escape Room

by | Dec 10, 2021

9 Reasons Your Next Team Building or Bonding Event Should Be An Escape Room

9 Reasons Your Next Team Building or Bonding Event Should Be An Escape Room

Whether you are looking for a team-building or a team bonding experience for your business, college sports team, or even your family, escape rooms may be the solution you’re looking for. Here are 9 reasons why.

Strengthens Communication

One of the key components of a successful run-through of an escape room game is communication. Players do much better if they communicate what items they found, what clues they discovered, and what ideas they have for solving a puzzle. The more effectively the players interact as a team, the better their chances of finishing the game before time runs out.

Hidden Strengths Revealed

Did you know that Joe has impressive critical thinking skills? Or that Kelly can see details others miss? Escape room games can reveal talents and strengths that were otherwise hidden.

Encourages Team Collaboration

When it comes to escape room games, not only is communication important, so is collaboration. There can be a lot to do in a game, and players often take on certain roles. Collaboration between these roles (leader, scribe, finder, reader, etc.) is important.

Shared Memories

When it comes to team bonding, shared, unique experiences like this can be an important ingredient. Groups completing a common goal under limitations like a time constraint can be a very memorable experience full of talking points.

Inspires Creativity and Innovation

Solving problems where the solutions are not obvious using a creative approach is lateral thinking. Escape room puzzles stimulate lateral thinking, a great skill to have in any business.

Recognition and Appreciation of Peers

Players often have a newfound respect and appreciation for colleagues and friends when they see them interact in an escape room finding clues and solving puzzles.

Time Management

Teams usually have 60-120 minutes to complete their mission. Because of this time constraint, it’s important to manage time. Escape room games can be a great jumping-off point for a discussion about time management, and supervisors can get a view of how their team currently manages time.

All Shapes and Sizes

Typical team building is often done on a low ropes course, or through team building games and initiatives. They often require physical movement that may be strenuous for people of varying sizes, ages, and abilities. Escape room games rarely rely on the group being physical, which makes it ideal for groups with people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities.


Finally, escape room games are a lot of fun. Unique outings like this foster a sense of team spirit and improve morale. And, depending on your company culture, they can be an extremely enjoyable and valuable team-building experience.

If you are ready for a team bonding or team building escape room program for your business, team, or family, contact us at The Escape Hatch for more information.

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