Best Restaurants Near The Escape Hatch in Orlando

by | Jul 28, 2022

Best Restaurants Near The Escape Hatch in Orlando

Best Restaurants Near The Escape Hatch in Orlando

After a day of intense fun, entertainment, and brainstorming in The Escape Hatch, getting hungry is inevitable. After visiting The Escape Hatch, is there anything better than dining out with your friends and family? But for that, you must know the eateries around our area.

We have created a list of eateries nearby to satisfy every food-lover. The Escape Hatch is in Kissimmee, Florida, at a prime location with all types of restaurants. We have listed some tried and tested restaurants, all within a mile’s radius. 

Havana Kiss Cuban Cafe 0.1 miles

The Havana Kiss Cuban café is in the same area as The Escape Hatch. It is within 0.1km from The Escape Hatch and serves Latin and Cuban cuisines. You can enjoy authentic Cuban cuisines that are family recipes of the owner. They use fresh and local ingredients in their dishes that reflect the diversity of the Cuban flavors. Conch fritters, Croquettes, Havana Kiss Cuban Café Beef, poultry, and seafood dishes are all a must-try here. Try out their marinated top sirloin steak. They have parking spaces, takeout, and seat-in options, are wheelchair accessible, and serve alcohol.

Red Lobster– 0.2 miles

The Red Lobster is 0.2 miles away from The Escape Hatch. It is a dine-in restaurant known for its seafood and has been operating since 1968 in several locations, including Kissimmee. It started as a family-owned restaurant in Lakeland, Florida, and now has many branches. The best part about Red Lobster is that they have vegetarian and gluten-free items on their menu. Ultimate Feast, Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp, and Cheddar Bay Biscuits are some of their most popular cuisines.

A&W Restaurant 0.2 Miles

Another excellent burger option is A&W All American Food Restaurant next to The Escape Hatch. They have a wide range of tasty options for those on a budget and looking to eat something fast. They offer Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, root beer, and much more at great prices. Be sure to try their ⅓ lb. double cheeseburger.

Hokkaido Chinese and Japanese buffet 0.5 miles

If all the excitement and thrills at The Escape Hatch make you hungry and your group loves Chinese and Japanese Food, the Hokkaido Chinese and Japanese buffet is just the place for you. It is within 0.5 miles of The Escape Hatch. They have a buffet of Chinese, Japanese, Asian and vegetarian dishes. The sushi here is excellent. The restaurant has seat-in and takeaway options. They also have high chairs and are wheelchair accessible.

Checker’s Fast Food 0.2 miles

From Burgers to sandwiches and anything American- Checker’s is the best fast-food joint in the area. Grab a quick bite or some snacks here if you are not looking for a heavy meal. They have a takeaway, dine outdoors, and seat-in arrangements. You can also get parking facilities, and credit cards are accepted too. Checkers is a budget-friendly option and has several combo meals, which are very filling and delicious. Seasoned fries, Burgers, and shakes are the best-sellers here.

Flippers Pizza 0.4 Miles

Feel like having Pizza? Take all your family and friends to the Flippers Pizza restaurant, only 0.4 miles from The Escape Hatch. Flippers Pizza offers authentic brick oven pizza, with many great topics to choose from. They also offer some great sandwiches, such as their Smashed Meatball sandwich, and salad options like their Tuscan Chicken salad. Flippers Pizza offers take-out, delivery, and or dine-in options. Be sure to try their Toscana Cheese Bread as a side option. Their oven-baked wings are great also.

Eskina Restaurant and Bar 0.5 miles

Eskina restaurant and Bar is located 0.5 miles from The Escape Hatch and offers authentic Brazilian and South American cuisines. You can get delivery, takeout, and table service. They also have live music. It is best to get a reservation for large groups here. Some of their top dishes include Brazilian sausages with sautéed onions, tropical salad, New York Steak, and more.

Mr. and Mrs. Crab 0.6 miles

Specializing in seafood, Mr. and Mrs. Crab is within 0.6 miles of The Escape Hatch. They offer takeout, accept credit cards, and have seating options. Their variety in seafood, especially crab dishes, is commendable. It is best to get a reservation, and they also serve alcohol. You can try their shrimps, oysters, blue crab, snow crabs, clams, and more. This restaurant’s ability to personalize seafood platters so that you can choose the specific seafood you want to eat is one of its primary selling points.

Senor Taco Mannys 0.5 miles

The Escape Hatch and Senor Taco Mannys are only 0.5 kilometers apart. Their fast food, seafood, and beverages are well-known. They accept credit cards, offer dine-in and takeout, and have wheelchair accessibility. Some of the best dishes to try to include their prawns, chicken fajitas, and steaks at the Bar. Be sure to try their margaritas as well. The calm and serene ambiance and reasonable price together make this a great place to hang out with your group right after your exciting day at The Escape Hatch.

Su Canoe Sushi and Peruvian Food 0.5 miles

The Su Canoe Sushi and Peruvian Food, located within 0.5 miles of The Escape Hatch, offers outdoor and indoor seating. Credit cards and reservations are both accepted. They provide a selection of Latin fusion foods and the perfect setting for sushi enthusiasts. Additionally, there are a variety of fish dishes and volcano rolls available.

We hope your visit to The Escape Hatch is even more pleasant when you can end the day with some fabulous foods from around the area. Apart from those mentioned here, the old town is the home to many more popular food joints like Burger King, Shoney’s Old Town, Dominican Chimi 829, and more. Book Your Escape Room Today!

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