Escape Rooms VS. Virtual Reality: Which One Is The Best Immersive Experience?

Escape Rooms VS. Virtual Reality: Which One Is The Best Immersive Experience?


In a world increasingly captivated by the allure of immersive experiences, two contenders stand tall, capturing the imagination of adventure seekers and gaming enthusiasts alike – Escape Rooms and Virtual Reality (VR). These immersive platforms, each unique in their approach, offer a powerful blend of excitement, challenge, and full-bodied engagement.

We’ll explore the factors contributing to their thrill and appeal, from the social dynamics and level of immersion to the variety of narratives and technological innovations. We’ll answer the question: Which provides the ultimate immersive experience? Let’s dig in!

Physical VS. Digital Challenges

Escape rooms and virtual reality both deliver immersive experiences through unique and distinctive environments. They offer different challenges and experiences that cater to different tastes and interests. Let’s take a look:

Escape rooms

In these rooms, you’ll engage in a real-world, tactile experience featuring physical puzzles and challenges that require interacting with your environment. You’ll need to find hidden clues and manipulate items to progress. The room’s thematic design, special effects, and narrative will draw you into the story, making you feel part of a movie-like adventure. 

If you’re looking for a group activity, escape games are the best option due to the versatile age range. Usually, you can ask to change the room’s difficulty level depending on the player’s age.

Virtual Reality Games

Contrarily, virtual reality games slip you into a digitally created world where mental agility and dexterity take center stage. Unlike escape rooms’ physical, tactile puzzles, VR games’ challenges are often abstract. It relies more heavily on your ability to think strategically and solve problems in a virtual space. 

Moreover, the physical challenges here only lie in your hand’s ability with the controllers, making the experience more static. This particularity can be an issue for people not used to the late advances of technology. It can be a deal breaker to enjoy the game. 

Social Dynamics

The key to escape games is collaboration. It functions as a social crucible that brings people together. They demand communication, cooperation, and a degree of leadership from all participants. Players must work as a cohesive unit, looking for resources and sharing insights to decipher clues. You’ll need to overcome challenges as a team to escape the room. 

This interactive dynamic not only fosters teamwork but also adds an element of human unpredictability, subtly increasing the complexity and excitement of the game. On the other hand, virtual reality games, while they do offer multiplayer experiences, tend towards being more solitary. The immersive nature of VR often means that the player is engrossed in their virtual world, with limited interaction with others.

A Team-Building Activity

Group activities like escape rooms can be a great idea for team-building due to their interactive and challenging nature. The physical presence of team members, the need for real-time communication, and the shared goal of escaping the room help cultivate a sense of unity and comradeship.

Even though there’s a multiplayer option in VR games, it can often feel less organic and spontaneous compared to escape rooms due to the digital interface. The lack of physical presence can make VR multiplayer experiences feel less intimate and personal than the collective thrill of solving a puzzle together in an escape room. Nowadays, with remote work and home office so prominent in the business field, this human contact adds more value to the experience.

Sign Up To Live The Most Thrilling Experience At The Escape Hatch

As you strive to be the ultimate adventurer in the world of immersive games, we understand the dilemma of choosing between virtual reality games and the real-life excitement of an escape room adventure. This indecision can frustrate you, delaying your plans for a fun weekend. Planning fun family activities doesn’t have to be this hard, but at The Escape Hatch, we can help you with that.

We identify with your adventurous spirit and the desire to enjoy a real immersive experience. You can live an unreal playthrough with our escape games in Kissimmee, FL. We’re committed to providing you with the thrill of physical challenges and the team dynamics that make every escape room adventure memorable. We offer four different themed rooms, each with personalized difficulty levels:

  • Bubba’s Basement Bargains
  • Exit Protocol
  • Smoke & Mirrors
  • HaZard Pay

Book now at The Escape Hatch for your next group event with your family or friends! Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us! Join the conversation in the comments section, and let’s continue this adventure together!


Date Night Adventures: How Escape Rooms Can Strengthen Your Bond As A Couple

Date Night Adventures: How Escape Rooms Can Strengthen Your Bond As A Couple


Are you tired of the same old dinner-and-a-movie date night routine? If you do, this is your place. Many couples nowadays can’t find unique and engaging couple activities to keep their relationships vibrant and fun. The usual options can become repetitive and, let’s be honest, a little boring. 


But what if we told you there’s an adventurous alternative that’s both thrilling and relationship-enhancing? Enter the world of escape room games! These offer an experience far from ordinary. If you’re ready to take your date nights to the next level, keep reading!

Traditional Date Spots Are In The Past

Fancy restaurants and movie theaters have their charm but also pose several limitations. They often lack the excitement and novelty that can foster meaningful interaction between couples. These sedentary experiences can feel overly formal, stifling spontaneity and genuine connection. With time, it can lead to monotony, making it difficult for couples to grow together through unique shared moments.

Escape Room Games Benefits

Escape room games are immersive experiences that challenge participants to solve complex puzzles within a specific timeframe. Beyond being a fun and unique form of entertainment, they offer a great deal of benefits, including boosting creativity and group communication. This activity is an outstanding way to create core memories among your friends. Let’s explore these benefits:

A Thrilling Experience

Escape rooms present a unique opportunity for couples to connect, collaborate, and grow as a team. Being trapped in a room filled with enigmatic puzzles, you’ll need to combine your skills and abilities to crack the codes. These immersive rooms will allow you to relax and be yourself. But, most importantly, there would be tons of laughs; after all, it’s a game to have fun! 

They are a standout choice in the list of couple activities and date ideas with their themes and complexity levels. And the best part? There are different themes, allowing you to find one that suits your interests. 

Boosting Creativity & Communication

To escape the room, you’ll need to think outside the box. This game encourages couples to unleash their creativity and learn to view challenges from different perspectives. Within an escape room, there’s no right or wrong answer as long you manage to exit the room. 

Solving puzzles under a time constraint necessitates clear, concise communication. This shared experience of strategic thinking and collaboration will enhance your communication skills. These games will also strengthen the bond between you and your partner in real-world situations. 

Create Memorable Moments & Shared Stories

Escape rooms can have unique themes and scenarios that make each game a fresh and memorable experience. These themes range from intricate heists, haunted mansions, and alien invasions to ancient tomb explorations. Each scenery provides a captivating backdrop for your adventure with its special effects, lights, music, and narrative. It will make every date night a fun couple activity and a story to tell friends and family.


But most importantly, after successfully escaping the room, you’ll share a sense of accomplishment and feel proud of your ability to work together as a couple.

Explore Exciting And Unique Escape Rooms At The Escape Hatch

After months, maybe years of dating with your partner, traditional dinner-and-movie dates can feel a little passionless. A young duo like you and your other half should be ready to take on challenges together and create long-lasting memories. You want to be a team and work hand-in-hand while having fun. Yet, the options for non-traditional date ideas are scarce, leading to boring Friday nights.

However, you can find all you need in one place at The Escape Hatch. We understand the longing for adventure and excitement. That’s why we offer a variety of thrilling escape room games in Kissimmee, FL. We have four different themed rooms, each with personalized difficulty levels:

  • Bubba’s Basement Bargains
  • Exit Protocol
  • Smoke & Mirrors
  • HaZard Pay.

Each one offers a completely immersive experience where you can work as a team with your partner to solve puzzles and complete the mission. We’re committed to creating unique simulations that go beyond the usual. So why wait? 

Step out of the ordinary and step into adventure. Book your first escape room experience with us today and make unforgettable memories!



6 Things You Need to Know About Escape Rooms

6 Things You Need to Know About Escape Rooms

6 Things You Need to Know About Escape Rooms

Are you ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will test your problem-solving skills and teamwork? Check out for escape room games! These immersive experiences have taken the world by storm, offering a unique and thrilling challenge for friends, families, and colleagues. But before you step into the unknown, you need to know a few key things to make the most of your first escape room experience.

Internalizing these indispensable tips ensures an extraordinary and triumphant adventure. From understanding the importance of communication and teamwork to managing your time effectively, these insights will help you navigate the intricacies of the escape room games and increase your chances of success. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of escape rooms as we uncover the six essential things you need to know before entering one for the first time.

1. Leverage Diverse Skills

Each person on your team will have a unique skill set, whether analytical thinking, creativity, attention to detail, or a knack for puzzles. This can contribute significantly to solving the challenges presented. It is crucial to recognize and utilize every team member’s strengths. For instance, if one person is particularly adept at solving puzzles, they can focus on piecing together clues. 

At the same time, someone with excellent observational skills can explore the room for hidden elements. The most successful teams effectively leverage each member’s individual skills towards a common goal.

2. Hunt For Telltale Patterns

Remember, observation is key. Take your time to thoroughly examine each element in the room and look for recurring patterns or similarities. This can take many forms, such as numbers, symbols, colors, or shapes. 

You may find repeated hints or subtly hidden in plain sight throughout the room. By identifying these patterns, you can decipher codes, solve riddles, and unlock doors or compartments that lead you closer to escaping.

3. Harness Effective Communication

Effective communication with your team in an escape room is essential. It ensures that everyone is on the same page, avoids misunderstandings, and allows for efficient allocation of tasks and time management. Communication fosters teamwork, enhances collaboration, and maximizes the chances of successfully solving puzzles and escaping.

4. Champion The Art Of Detail

The devil is in the details, so check everything in the room and adopt a systematic approach. Start by examining the room from top to bottom, checking walls, ceilings, and floors for hidden compartments or clues. Pay close attention to objects, searching for loose parts, locks, or patterns. 

Inspect books, decorations, and furniture meticulously, as they may hold vital information. Finally, use your senses to investigate sounds, smells, and textures, as even the smallest detail can be a valuable clue in your quest for escape.

5. Mastering Time Management Skills

In an escape room, it is crucial not to lose track of time and to use every minute productively. Time management is necessary for success, as you have limited time to solve the puzzles and escape. Every second counts, so it is important to maintain a sense of urgency, stay focused, and make strategic decisions to increase your chances of completing the escape room challenge within the given time.

6. Incorporating Collaborative Thinking

Collaboration allows for pooling diverse skills, knowledge, and perspectives, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the puzzles and challenges. It fosters effective problem-solving, encourages creativity, and enhances team dynamics. By working together, team members can leverage each other’s strengths, share ideas, and strategize collectively, ultimately increasing their chances of finding solutions and achieving a successful escape.

Become A Master Of Escape Rooms At The Escape Hatch

Those who want to get into the world of escape room games envision themselves as skilled problem-solvers and master strategists. You want to unravel complex mysteries and lead your team to victory. However, every escape room has different difficulties, but with our tips, you can become a pro in no time. 

Exit all the escape room games with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment at The Escape Hatch. We understand your hunger for exciting adventures and want to test your skills. Our team is committed to providing exceptional escape room experiences. We have created immersive and unforgettable themed rooms that will exceed your expectations. Get your team together and make fun memories at our escape rooms in Kissimmee, FL. Book now your next event!


Essential Tips For Your First Escape Room Adventure

Essential Tips For Your First Escape Room Adventure

Essential Tips For Your First Escape Room Adventure

Escape rooms are taking over the entertainment industry, and every day we can see more escape room places in Kissimmee, FL, with different themes. These immersive rooms offer a unique opportunity to test your problem-solving skills and work collaboratively with a group to unravel mysteries and escape within a set time limit.

However, if you’re going on your first escape room adventure, feeling excitement and uncertainty is normal. This blog post will provide you with essential insider tips to ensure you make the most out of your first escape room experience. From preparation to effective communication strategies, get ready to dive into the world of escape rooms like a pro!

Think Like A Detective

Put on your hat of Sherlock Holmes and confidently enter the room with a detective mindset. Keep an open mind and start thinking like a detective would. Start by scrutinizing your surroundings and taking note of peculiar items or patterns – these could be valuable clues. Remember, everything in the room is there for a reason. Question yourself and don’t overlook anything; what may seem irrelevant could be the key to your escape. And most importantly, don’t forget to communicate your findings with your team. Remember, a great detective not only uncovers the truth but shares it for the benefit of all.

Share Novel Insights

In an escape room, every detail could be a potential clue that leads to the next step. That’s why it’s important to always share any novel insights or discoveries with your team. No matter how insignificant your findings may seem, they might be the missing link someone else has been searching for. Don’t hold back—communicate your thoughts and ideas freely! After all, the secret to successfully escaping an escape room lies in finding clues and effective teamwork and communication.

Embrace Collective Synergy

Collaboration ensures the whole team works together like a well-oiled machine. Keep in mind escape rooms aren’t about individual glory—they’re about group victory. Remember, each team member brings a unique perspective, and set of skills, and everyone’s abilities are equally important. Encourage everyone to participate, value their input, and make sure no voice is left unheard. Creating an environment that fosters collective synergy increases your chances of escaping, and most importantly, everyone will have a great time!

Trial & Error

Escape rooms, like any game, are all about having fun, and part of that fun comes from embracing the process of trial and error. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or try different approaches. Remember, there’s no single “correct” way to solve the puzzles and exit the room. Most importantly, everyone on the team is enjoying their time and working together. Each error is a learning opportunity, bringing you one step closer to the solution. So, keep experimenting, keep laughing, and keep pushing forward. You’ve won as long as you make it out of the room!

Outsmart Overthinking

It’s easy to fall into the trap of overthinking. While the puzzles may seem very complex, remember that sometimes the most difficult challenges have the most straightforward solutions. Don’t get lost in intricate theories and convoluted thoughts. Instead, try to step back, breathe, and view the problem from a simpler perspective. Your mind is your most powerful tool, but overcomplicating things can lead to unnecessary confusion. Keep it simple; you might be surprised at how quickly you find your way out.

Master Time Management

Don’t lose track of time! Remember, escapade rooms operate on a clock, making time a critical aspect to manage. Strategize and make the most of each minute, as time flies when solving puzzles and having fun. Work smart, not hard; you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish within minutes. Time management can be the difference between an enjoyable escape and a frantic rush to the finish.

Become The Best Detective At The Escape Hatch

Become an expert problem-solver and push your limits at daring escape room events. If you have trouble finding an attractive themed escape room in Kissimmee, FL, come to The Escape Hatch! Leave behind the ordinary and step into a fictional world full of surprises and clues. 

Our immersive escape rooms provide the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, work as a team, and feel the rush of triumph as you solve mysteries and escape within the time limit. Book your escape room adventure with The Escape Hatch today and live an unforgettable experience. 



Why Teamwork Is The Ultimate Escape Room Strategy?

Why Teamwork Is The Ultimate Escape Room Strategy?

Why Teamwork Is The Ultimate Escape Room Strategy?

Escape room events hold a unique ability to fortify teamwork skills and bring individuals together in a fun and challenging environment. In these immersive experiences, players must work collaboratively to solve puzzles, navigate obstacles, and escape within a set time limit. Teamwork becomes the cornerstone of success, as effective communication, problem-solving, and trust are essential for triumphing over the room’s challenges. 

They provide an exhilarating adventure and a valuable opportunity for team building and fostering strong bonds among participants. Let’s dig into the importance of teamwork in escape rooms and discover how these experiences can enhance collaboration and camaraderie among participants. 

Motivation & Team Spirit Enhancement

When participating in an escape room event, your team will have renewed motivation and team spirit. Every puzzle solved, and obstacle overcome fuels the team’s collective drive and determination as the clock ticks down. Even in the smallest achievements, the shared sense of victory will significantly boost morale. The unique environment escape rooms provide, allow teams to celebrate each other’s strengths, foster unity, and create a better work dynamic. This will enhance your team’s productivity and cohesion. With a fun outing your workday will improve and become more pleasant. 

Enhanced Communication

As your team steps into different themed escape room events, they’ll confront puzzles and challenges that necessitate constant, collaborative dialogue. Every communication skill is tested by looking for hints, sharing findings, and discussing possible solutions. This highly interactive environment fosters active listening and encourages the flowing of ideas. Your team will find their communication skills naturally improving, bringing a greater sense of understanding and connection among team members. 

If you have new team members, taking them to an escape room is the best way to break the ice and make them more comfortable. 

Collaboration & Problem-Solving

Each riddle encountered requires a collective approach, where each team member’s strength is the key to success, and their ideas are valued. There is no room for a solo player – every challenge demands a joint effort. As your team seeks clues and formulates strategies to escape, they will experience the power of collaboration first-hand. 

Plus, the puzzles stimulate their critical thinking and encourage creative problem-solving, pushing them to think outside the box. This exciting and shared journey of overcoming difficulties will strengthen the team’s unity and resilience, shaping them into a more cohesive and effective unit.

Identification & Utilization Of Strengths

You’ll have to strategically distribute tasks among team members to play each person’s strengths. For example, you’ll need to assign a problem requiring logical deduction to your team member with the most reasoning skills. At the same time, tasks with close attention to detail are better suited to a meticulous observer. 

As your team plays through the escape room, it will help them to work closer to achieve their common goal: exit the room. While doing the activity, acknowledge their unique abilities and praise the little wins. Recognizing your team’s skills will boost their self-esteem, mutual respect and strengthen their dynamic. Additionally, will motivate them to do better in the next task. 

Time Management & Efficiency

The escape room experience is a fast-paced race against the clock, teaching teams the critical skill of time management. With typically just 60 minutes to escape, your team must efficiently decipher clues, solve puzzles, and progress through the game. This countdown creates a sense of urgency, compelling teams to prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and make quick, informed decisions. It’s a practical lesson in optimizing resources under pressure but in a fun and thrilling way. 

Unleash Collective Genius With The Escape Hatch

Make your team the go-to group at the office, armed with effective communication and unwavering trust. Help them develop problem-solving skills in a fun way with escape room events. These rooms provide an exciting adventure while serving as a powerful tool for team bonding. By immersing in these experiences, your team will develop a strong camaraderie, enhancing their ability to collaborate and tackle obstacles. 

Prepare your team for every challenge of your daily work life and improve their connection. It’s a great option to help retention and boost morale. Find the best escape rooms at The Escape Hatch. We’re committed to providing exceptional escape room experiences in Kissimmee, FL. We value your wish to strengthen your team while creating lasting memories. Book your favorite escape room online today and unlock the power of teamwork!


Best Water Parks In Or Near Orlando

Best Water Parks In Or Near Orlando

For many years families across the USA have been drawn to Orlando. It has developed into the nation’s water park capital. If you look past the main theme parks, you can discover several fantastic water parks. The following list highlights some of the best.

1. Volcano Bay

Universal’s Volcano Bay is a Mecca for those who like to stay in the water and splash around all day. There are 21 attractions, all of which have a volcanic or island theme; you get the impression that you have arrived in Hawaii’s mountains. Volcano Bay has something for everyone with rides, including the Ko’okiri Body Plunge, Kala and Ta Nui Serpentine Body Slides, Panga Racers, and Krakatau Aqua Coasters.

2. Discovery Cove

You can have Discovery Cove to yourself most of the time as it gives entry to only 1300 people at one time. This place is not about thrilling adventure rides but unique experiences like swimming with bottleneck dolphins and snorkeling with tropical fish. It also includes learning about the different creatures and hand-feeding the exotic birds in the Explorer’s Aviary in the Grand Reef.

3. Legoland Water Park

With over 50 shows, rides, and other attractions to enjoy, Legoland is a magnet for families. The water park, spread across 5 acres, has a fantastic selection of slides, flumes, and rides for people of every age. They can enjoy the Joker Soaker, the 375-foot-long Twin Chasers raft slide, or Splash Outside. In the Lego Wave Pool, you can catch gentle waves or relax on the Build-A-Raft lazy river on a floating tube.

4. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water park

Typhoon Lagoon is Orlando’s favorite family water park, with something for everyone. You can start the trip by getting on Miss Adventure Falls, a family ride taking everyone through artificial caves and waterfalls. Next is Humunga Kowabunga, a three-body slide that hurls through twists in a rainforest and drops five stories in seconds at a speed of 39 mph. It is followed by Crush ‘n’ Gusher, a 400-foot water coaster. Apart from this, you can relax at the Surf pool or any other beach on the Typhoon Lagoon.

5. Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water park

Blizzard Beach Water Park pays homage to the ski resort that melted into a water park and is second of the two most beloved Disney water parks. It has fake icicles hanging from every surface with a functioning chairlift up to the mountain. One of its highlights is Summit Plummet, which is 120 feet tall and has one of the tallest water slides. It sends the riders down the slide at over 60 mph. There is also the Slush Gusher, a high-speed and highly thrilling ride featuring two dips and a 90-foot drop descending Mount Gusmore at 35 mph.

6. Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica is situated on the grounds of Sea World and is home to 42 slides, rivers, and lagoons. It is spread no less than 59 acres and is probably one of the largest water parks in Florida. It opened in 2008, themed to the South Pacific. It has a combination of body and raft slides, including single and multi-person, lazy rivers, waves pools, and splash zones. Other rides include Loggerhead Lane lazy river, HooRoo Run, Stingray Falls, and Walhalla Wave. One can also grab a book and lounge around on the 80,000 square feet of artificial beaches.

7. Island H2O Live! Water park

H2O Live is the first of its kind to have a cutting-edge theme, where the riders can customize their wristbands and experience their favorite music, lighting, and colors. Live Stream Body slide is a max-level thrill ride with a 326-foot-long trap door; another is boomerang-style Hash tag Heights that can leave your hearts racing. If the thrill is still not enough, Follow Me Falls is there to your rescue, a two-person tube ride. There are also calm rides like the six-lane Reply Racers and Chat Creek lazy river for those who want to take it easy.

8. Nona Adventure Park

Nona Adventure Park is a local favorite, often overlooked because of the larger water parks nearby, and is a little off the beaten track. It features over 1000 feet of obstacles like swings, slides, slanted stair runs, balance beams, tire hops, and monkey bars floating on the water in its outdoor course. There is also a learning cable system for beginners, which is 320 feet long and allows you to get a feel of the sport without too much speed or height. After mastering that, you can progress to a 2,509-foot long course for a real adrenaline rush of speed up to 19 mph.

 9. Treasure Cove Water park

Treasure Cove, situated on Turkey Lake Road, is gaining a reputation for family fun and is a firm favorite of tourists, thanks to it being close to so many hotels and other attractions. It is a pirate-themed water park that opened in 2021 as one of the multi-million dollar Westgate Resorts. You can enjoy the 258-foot Buccaneer Bay Wave pool, Dolphin Drop, or Pirate’s Plunge Slides, which are 30 feet high. They show you the views of incredible Big Sand Lake and the park beyond that. Then to cool down, the Castaway Creek Lazy River is a favorite.

 10. Orlando Watersports Complex

Watersports complex is a go-to place in Central Florida for jet skiing, water skiing, kneeboarding, water skiing tubing, and many other sports. It has been a delight for tourists and locals since the beginning of the 21st century. On the sports side, the riders can participate in wakeboarding lessons, floating on the top of the lake. It comprises a series of interconnected trampolines, rock climbing walls, slides, walkways, and monkey bars, and it ends up in the pyramid from where you can jump into the water.

11. Coco Key Hotel and Water Resort

This hotel and water park is one of the more affordable water parks in Orlando, which should be on your list. It is spread across 54,000 square feet with 14 slides and rides designed for youngsters. If you want adrenaline, any of the three main slides are for you; they have 4-story-high Shark Slams, 350 feet long Barracuda Blast, or the 300-foot-long Pelican Plunge. The Dip-In wading pool is the best for kids, with only a one-foot depth.

12. Buccaneer Bay

Buccaneer Bay, Florida’s only Spring-fed water park, is situated in the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. It provides the most beautiful setting to enjoy a hot summer day. Apart from that, it is the best for snorkeling, featuring slides like the Cannonball and Pirate’s Revenge flumes, sandy beaches, and a natural river flowing around the swimming area.

13. Adventure Island Tampa Bay

Adventure Island is among Orlando’s best water parks for wild water slides. Adventure Island is situated less than a 2-hour drive in Tampa Bay across the street from Busch Gardens. There is no shortage of thrills as the free-falling Vanish Point slide, tail-spinning Solar Vortex, and the corkscrewing Colossal Curl are intense and tropical-themed. There are also places for relaxing with the kids in splash areas, a wave pool, and a lazy river.

14. Shipwreck Island Water park

This water park features multi-level water ground in a giant pirate ship as the centerpiece in the middle of the upper level. You can explore the ship and find water fountains and slippery slides in the ultimate Black Bear Pirate Ship. It also has a lazy river encircling the upper level, which offers mysterious caves, splash zones, and other places to stop and play. It is a closed tube drop slide; water slides a splash zone that creates the best adventure water park for the entire family.

Orlando has no scarcity of water parks. The best part is that Florida has warm weather all year round, so these places are fun to visit all year for any age group. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, be it relaxing, a place to take the Florida sun, high-intensity thrill rides, or just a swim with the marine life, water parks in Orlando have everything for everyone.

While you are in the Orlando area, be sure to check us out here at The Escape Hatch and book an escape room. See you soon!

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