5 Great Escape Room Ideas

by | Jan 21, 2022

5 Great Escape Room Ideas

5 Great Escape Room Ideas

The following outlines 5 great escape room ideas for various events and occasions. If you are in the Orlando Florida area, be sure to check out our own Escape Hatch Escape rooms.


Birthdays with a small group of friends or family is a perfect time to play an escape room game. Some escape rooms will even give the birthday person a discount or a gift.

If it’s someone else’s birthday, give them the gift of doing an escape room. Everyone can pitch in to pay for the birthday person, and then take them out to dinner afterward.

Something else you could do is to ask the escape room business to hide a birthday present somewhere in the room you’re going to play. Try to make sure the birthday person is the one to discover it.


We love visiting escape rooms on vacation. Who knows when we’ll be back to that particular area. After doing all the local rooms where we live it’s nice to have the opportunity to do more rooms.

As you plan your next vacation, check out the escape rooms in that area. Go on a Facebook group like Escape Room Enthusiasts and ask if anyone can recommend rooms in that area.

Friends Night Out

Sometimes you just want to hang out with your crew and do something, anything. Next time, instead of hitting the club or watching an episode of the Bachelor or the Mandalorian, go to an escape room. It’s different from the norm and something you and your friends are sure to talk about for a while.


The family is in town for the holidays and you’re not interested in playing another round of Uno. Suggest to them an escape room. Odds are they all won’t want to go, but some of them will. Then when you all get back and talk excitedly about the fun you had, the rest of the family will certainly feel like they missed out.


Whether you’re celebrating a work anniversary, a wedding anniversary, or National Pancake Day, playing an escape room is a great way to commemorate the occasion.

Bottom line is that any time is a good time to play a room. However, if you need a reason to get some people together to play, or if you are looking for an occasion to prompt some friends to try out an escape room, use one of the events mentioned above. And if you’re in Kissimmee, Florida, come by the Escape Hatch to celebrate that occasion. We’d love to host your group.

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