Fun Escape Room Games For Kids In Four Corners, FL

People want to become explorers of excitement and unforgettable experiences for their children in Four Corners, FL. Your goal is to find an activity that brings joy and entertainment and offers a unique and immersive experience. However, with so many choices, narrowing down the possibilities and finding something that truly stands out can be difficult. This indecision can make you feel you’re missing out on an exciting opportunity for your kids.

At The Escape Hatch, we strive to provide new experiences full of excitement and wonder. With our array of easy escape games suitable for kids or level-up for adults, we offer an affordable and delightful escapade for all. Step into a realm of adventure and exhilaration. Let us guide you through an extraordinary journey of mystery and excitement.

A Break From The Ordinary

Taking a break should be more than just time off. It should be an enthralling experience filled with excitement, engagement, and fun. That’s why our escape rooms are more than just games – they are a portal to an alternate reality where everyday worries cease to exist, and the thrill of discovery takes over. 

Our rooms will take you from your routine and take you to an out-of-this-world experience. Whether it’s a family day out, an adventurous outing with friends, or a birthday party, our escape rooms offer a unique experience filled with challenges, laughter, and unending fun.

An Escape Room For All Ages

Our escape rooms have distinct themes, narratives, and challenges. Whether inclined towards adventurous exploits or drawn to supernatural enigmas, our escape rooms cater to your taste. We personalized our rooms according to your team’s ages. Our goal is for everyone to have a fun experience. Prepare your next event with an immersive experience of puzzles, riddles, and surprises! 

  • Bubba’s Basement Bargains: A Pawn Shop Heist!
  • Exit Protocol: Become a secret agent and save our country.
  • Smokes and Mirrors: Enter the enchanted basement of Houdini.

HaZard Pay: Be part of a mercenary military group to find a cure for a zombie outbreak.

Conquer Challenging Riddles At Our Exhilarating Escape Room Games!

Are you looking for a fun escape room in Four Corners, FL? Everyone deserves a great time without the hassle of searching for the perfect entertainment. That’s why it’s frustrating when you can’t find an escape room tailored for all ages.

But fear not! At The Escape Hatch, we understand your frustration and want to help you create unforgettable memories with our family-friendly escape rooms. With our expertise in creating immersive and exciting escape experiences. Our escape room for kids will test their problem-solving skills in a limited time. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or just an enjoyable time with your family, we have different levels for all ages. Check them out:

  1. Browse our available rooms at our website and make the booking through our website.
  2. Select your team and come live your next adventure.
  3. Have fun solving cases, looking for clues, and maybe have a jump scare or two!

Ready to embark on a thrilling escape room adventure? Book now at The Escape Hatch and let the fun begin! Get your tickets now and join us for an incredible escape room experience!

Roger St Laurent
Roger St Laurent
My group went here yesterday (1/15/22). So much fun and very challenging. We tried the zombie themed rooms. Unfortunately we were on the last puzzle when the timer ran out. That hr really flies by. Very engaging though and would definitely try again.
Disney Bears
Disney Bears
We had a fantastic time, and will go again. My 13 year old has autism and he has asked us about this for the the past few months, this will absolutely be added to our family game night routine.
Naeemah Gary
Naeemah Gary
Wonderful time! Definitely recommend this location. Crew captain was patient, helpful and friendly.
Jeremy Lopez
Jeremy Lopez
It was a nice experience it’s fun and Julie is super super super nice
Erich Short
Erich Short
Great time! Room was set up very well! Staff was great! Highly recommend!
Cassie Magera
Cassie Magera
The escape room was great! We did the Christmas Caper and it was lots of fun. Everyone was friendly and helpful and the room looked awesome! I'd definitely recommend it!
Prissis Cyntoya
Prissis Cyntoya
This was my first Escape Room experience & I had a blast, my guide Curt was amazing at setting the scene and making our experience an enjoyable one. Cant wait to return & try another room @ The Escape Hatch


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