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Bubba's Basement Bargains Escape Room Orlando

Bubba’s Basement Bargains

Difficulty Level:  6/10
Number of Players: Minimum of 2 and Maximum of 6

Rumor has it that Bubba has come across some very rare items.

If you’re looking for that big score, that retirement job, this is it. But, don’t get relaxed, Bubba ain’t no fool, and he’s hidden that loot really well.

Will you make it out of his pawnshop with the loot before you become a trophy on Bubba’s wall?

Exit Protocol Escape Room in Orlando, Florida

Exit Protocol

Difficulty Level:  6.5/10
Number of Players: Minimum of 4 and Maximum of 9

Agents, are you ready?

A CIA field office has been compromised and you have received some very time-sensitive intel.

Your team of secret agents must work together quickly, as a ticking clock threatens the success of your operation.

Hazard Pay Escape Room Orlando

Smoke & Mirrors

Difficulty Level: (Normal Version)  7/10  –  (Expert Version)  8.5/10
Number of Players: Minimum of 2 and Maximum of 6

A group of local magicians has recently purchased an abandoned theater where Harry Houdini performed in the 1920s, with the plan to reopen it as a Houdini museum. 

They believe the dressing room is being haunted by his spirit! 

Your team of paranormal investigators has been hired by the owners to look into the reports of ghostly activity and attempt to put Houdini’s spirit to rest. 

PLEASE NOTE: This room has a spooky atmosphere with low lighting, darkness and references to the supernatural, including spirits, Ouija boards and tarot cards.
Some areas of the room are not handicap accessible and may be challenging for those with mobility issues.

Hazard Pay Escape Room Orlando

HaZard Pay

Difficulty Level:  8/10
Number of Players: Minimum of 4 and Maximum of 8

A deadly virus has been released and is turning the human race into flesh-eating zombies! 

Rumor has it that a team of scientists holed up in an abandoned mental hospital had created a cure for the virus before they were overrun by a horde of zombies. 

Your team has been recruited to retrieve the formula for the cure.

 Are you ready to earn your HaZard Pay?


PLEASE NOTE: This room contains loud sounds, darkness, scare and strobe effects, and is rated PG-13 for blood, gore and rude humor.  Not recommended for children under the age of 13, or those that are easily frightened. 


Roger St Laurent
Roger St Laurent
My group went here yesterday (1/15/22). So much fun and very challenging. We tried the zombie themed rooms. Unfortunately we were on the last puzzle when the timer ran out. That hr really flies by. Very engaging though and would definitely try again.
Disney Bears
Disney Bears
We had a fantastic time, and will go again. My 13 year old has autism and he has asked us about this for the the past few months, this will absolutely be added to our family game night routine.
Naeemah Gary
Naeemah Gary
Wonderful time! Definitely recommend this location. Crew captain was patient, helpful and friendly.
Jeremy Lopez
Jeremy Lopez
It was a nice experience it’s fun and Julie is super super super nice
Erich Short
Erich Short
Great time! Room was set up very well! Staff was great! Highly recommend!
Cassie Magera
Cassie Magera
The escape room was great! We did the Christmas Caper and it was lots of fun. Everyone was friendly and helpful and the room looked awesome! I'd definitely recommend it!
Prissis Cyntoya
Prissis Cyntoya
This was my first Escape Room experience & I had a blast, my guide Curt was amazing at setting the scene and making our experience an enjoyable one. Cant wait to return & try another room @ The Escape Hatch

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