Scariest Escape Rooms in the USA

Scariest Escape Rooms in the USA

Scariest Escape Rooms in the USA

Scariest Escape Rooms in the USA

The USA is a country of many wonders. From entertainment to scenic beauty- you get it all here. A vacation or a local’s day outing in the USA remains incomplete without exploring the many adventures at every corner of the country. Escape room games are a unique experience among these. The adrenaline rush induced by the scariest escape room can give you memories of a lifetime. The USA is the home to some of the most frightening escape rooms in the world. 

Escape rooms are tricky to crack. They get even more challenging when you keep looking over your shoulder for the next lurking danger. From a claustrophobic box of horror to a masquerade ball manor- here are some of the scariest escape rooms that are not for the faint-hearted.

Skinner’s Box, Tennessee

Life is a bit like a rat race – you may have often heard this saying. That is the idea behind Skinner’s box at Murfreesboro Escape Room in Tennessee. Your group is the lab rat trying to escape the scientist. The game begins with isolating the group like lab rats who have to communicate without words with each other to group back. It is the most challenging room here. The success rate is low, which makes it even more difficult.

The Official Saw Escape Room, Las Vegas

If the movie sent chills down your spine and you enjoyed the feelings, then the Official Saw Escape Room in Las Vegas is just the place for you. This escape room got created with the official SAW license. So, you witness the various puzzles and jigsaws from the movie without actual pain, suffering, or gore. 

This escape room is a must-visit if you want a break from the city’s casinos and nightlife. It is a multi-room horror escape game filled with challenging puzzles. The premises is a meatpacking plant where your group enters for a late-night tour and get transported to their horror movie.

The Basement, LA

Noted as one of the scariest escape rooms in Los Angeles and the USA, the Basement has earned a reputation because of the extraordinary realistic experience. The room is so popular that the owners behind it have named their entire business after it. The Basement has many other rooms. But this is the scariest one to try out. Your group gets kidnapped by a serial killer called Edward Tandy. To survive, you must convince him that you are deserving of escaping his twisted basement. A series of complex puzzles are there to solve and escape the killer. The 45-minute escape room is quite intense, and you must give your best to succeed.

The Asylum, LA

The Asylum gets acknowledged as one of the scariest escape rooms. The company behind get considered a specialist in horror escape rooms. The storyline of the place is about a local reporter who went missing while investigating the area. You and your friends are to look for her and then end up in a horror fest, trying to escape. The room is complicated with many complex puzzles but can give the best adrenaline rush to the visitors. The terrifying and challenging ambiance makes it a major attraction among tourists looking for fun things to do in the USA.

The 13th Escape, Louisiana

The 13th Gate Escape Room is located in Louisiana in Baton Rouge and offers six different escape room experiences. The location amidst natural swamps and bayous is spooky enough, and they offer some of the most terrific rooms to experience. The rooms play around with the idea of being trapped and held against your will. It creates the classic claustrophobic setting to induce terror. From being trapped in a small room to searching for the long-lost prisoner- every room is scary. You get 60 minutes to experience the adrenaline rush and escape the room.

The Heist, Nashville

The Escape Game created the Heist in Nashville. The players are tasked with finding a stolen, priceless work of art. The search is not easy and has many dangers and puzzles to confront that are advanced. The players get 60 minutes to figure out how they can locate the art piece and escape without getting caught. It is a perfect place to test your problem-solving skills. Though not a very scary experience, it is still considered among the most challenging escape rooms to solve.

Escape the Movies, Maryland

Laurel House of Horrors hosts the room “Escape the Movies.” Unlike other escape rooms that assure their guests that it won’t be terrifying, Laurel House gives an express warning that their room is not for the faint-hearted. They have some terrifying escape rooms located in an abandoned movie theatre. They explain it up-front with a fright meter that ranges from “mildly scary” to “run for your life.” The scariest among these rooms is a four-room hybrid inspired by movies like Halloween, Purge, Saw 2, and Conjuring. The game even involves separating the players and torture – it is super intense. Try it at your own risk!

Spooky Room 479, New York

The Spooky Room 479 is located in New York City and has the most fitting name, considering the spooky ambiance they have created so well. It is intensely creepy and scary but fun at the same time. It is a perfect game if you wish to test your limits of putting up a brave front. It is also very challenging, and this room’s success rate is merely 25%.

The players enter a dorm room where no one has been for a long time. Often, weird noises come from the building. Once the players enter, the door gets shut, and you must find your way out while facing the horrors inside.

The Escape Hatch, Florida

Our very own Escape Hatch in Orlando, Florida, has four rooms with a varied storyline, but if you are looking for horror and an adrenaline rush, Hazard Pay is the one for you. The story is about a deadly virus released that is turning humans into flesh-eating zombies. There is a rumor that a team of scientists with the cure is locked in an abandoned mental hospital. 

The players must find a way to the hospital and bring back the formula. You have to finish the mission in 60 minutes. If you succeed, you can escape the room. The difficulty rate is high. The room is not recommended for anyone below 13 years of age or for those who get scared easily.

Zoe, LA

The simple name can be misleading about the horrors that lie inside. It is challenging and keeps the players completely engaged as long as they are in the game. It is one of the scariest and most intense escape rooms internationally. It is not just a room but an entire haunted house that you must escape. The story is quite simple – you get summoned to the house by a girl called Zoe, and to survive, you must escape. Though there are many puzzles to solve, Zoe also boasts a very scary ambiance. Zoe was first opened in Las Vegas but eventually moved to LA and was created by Escapade Game.


The scariest escape rooms in the USA are among the most creative, challenging, and coveted rooms people come to experience worldwide. At The Escape Hatch, we have compiled these places to make it easier for you to find the perfect entertainment as you travel through the USA.

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