10 Escape Room Strategies That Work

10 Escape Room Strategies That Work

Escape Room Tips

10 Escape Room Strategies That Work

Are you looking to beat the competition and need every advantage your team can get to solve a challenging escape room? These are our top 10 handy escape room strategy tips to help you win any escape room.

Don’t Arrive At Your Escape Room Late

Like a job interview, you should arrive 15 to 20 minutes before your scheduled escape room time to ensure you are not overly stressed out and have time to get situated. You don’t want to spend precious time figuring out where to park or where to enter the building. This energy should be saved to figure out the room. You can use the 15 minutes to prepare, and be sure to have something to eat before you enter, so you are not starving and thinking about food the whole time. If you arrive late, you will have less time to complete the escape room.

Remember The Escape Room’s Theme is Important!

Every escape room has clues directly related to its theme. Think about the type of room you are in and where you would hide a clue if it were your escape room? Try to get into the mindset of the room’s creators, which will help you figure out where clues are hidden. Try to imagine yourself designing the room and where you would think the unique places would be to hide a clue or key. A well-themed escape room should have relevant clues that relate to the theme.

Work as a Team

There is usually one individual that will assume the role of team leader in your group. Having one individual to lead is usually a great idea to organize and arrange your team’s order, but it can also direct your team in the wrong direction. Be sure to work with your team and use everyone’s ideas to the fullest potential. Always consider options and ideas as a group and try not to focus on one individual’s ideas, as they could be wrong. The main focus should be to work as a team to solve the escape room as quickly as possible.

 Spend Your Time Wisely On Each Clue

If your entire team is working to figure out the same clues, then it will take much more time to solve the remaining clues. Many escape rooms can contain false clues, leading you in the wrong direction, if you spend too much time on a particular clue, it could be a decoy, and you will undoubtedly run out of time. If you find a clue, assign one or two team members to focus on that clue, while the rest split to find and solve other clues.

Don’t Forget To Keep An Eye On The Clock

When you are solving intense puzzles, time can pass very quickly. An hour can seem like 10 minutes in an escape room. It can come down to a few minutes remaining on the clock when you finally solve the room, so be sure to make every second count and don’t spend too much time on one particular clue.  

Share Any Information You Find

When you find a clue or have an idea, make sure your team knows it. Explain why you believe it’s a clue and get feedback from your team. If you keep hints and ideas to yourself, this does not benefit the team, it might be embarrassing to give wrong ideas, but it’s crucial to the team’s success to communicate any valuable ideas. You might have the missing information someone else needs to solve the puzzle.

Switch Team Members Often

Make sure you change around the person trying to solve a particular clue. If someone is stuck and can’t figure it out, assign someone else to it to get a new perspective. Try putting someone else on the clue after about 8-10 minutes. Rotating team members keeps everyone involved and can be an effective way to solve clues and the escape room.

Split Into Groups

An escape room usually has a lot of clues involved to solve the room. An excellent method of solving an escape room is to organize your team into groups quickly. Review the room carefully and assign team members to some regions of the space. Splitting up the team prevents everyone from working on the same clues and is far more efficient. If one team group is having trouble with an area of the room, then switch that group with another to get a fresh perspective.

Speak To Each Other Often

Nobody in your team can read your thoughts, and you should not assume they have the same ideas as you. Tell anyone in your team anything you find that could help solve the room. It’s nearly impossible to solve an escape room without adequate communication between your group and your team. If you have split into groups, be sure it’s not just your group that knows what you have found but tell the whole team, as sometimes clues can be related, and you will solve the room much faster.

Save Time by Being Organized

You don’t want to waste time finding clues you have already solved. A misplaced key or puzzle piece could cost you the entire game. Make sure you keep all your clues in one place, coordinate with your team where that place is, and make sure every clue you get is placed there, such as on a table or a specific part of the room. You can sometimes use clues several times in a room, so this will ensure you can easily find them if you need them.

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