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Looking for new fun activities in Kissimmee, FL? You want to immerse in exciting experiences that transport you to another world, allowing you to escape the mundane and embrace the thrill of the unknown. However, you may find the same places boring. Treat yourself to a new exciting experience at The Escape Hatch

With our thrilling escape room games and events, we provide an unforgettable adventure that captures the imagination and leaves a lasting impression. Book now your next adventure.

Bubba’s Basement Bargains

Get ready for the heist of a lifetime! In this heart-pounding escape room adventure, you’ll enter the clandestine world of Bubba’s Basement Bargains. Your mission? Outsmart Bubba and sneak off with the most prized possessions from his coveted pawn shop. Strategic thinking, teamwork, and a daring spirit are your keys to success. Can you beat the clock and make your escape with the loot? Buckle up because this is no ordinary shopping spree! 

Exit Protocol

Prepare yourself for a thrilling covert mission in our “Exit Protocol” escape room. You’ll step into the shoes of a secret CIA agent armed with time-sensitive intel that could change the course of history. Your mission involves escaping a compromised CIA field office before time runs out. 

Test to the limit your quick thinking and teamwork as you navigate the complex labyrinth of secret codes, cryptic clues, and locked doors. Do you have what it takes to exit the protocol and complete the mission in time? In “Exit Protocol,” every second counts!

Smokes And Mirrors

Welcome to “Smokes and Mirrors,” where every clue takes you closer to the truth! As a top-notch paranormal investigator, you’re dispatched to a Houdini Museum to witness peculiar paranormal events. The suspicion? We believe the late illusionist’s spirit is haunting the dressing room. Your mission is to unravel the truth and put Houdini’s spirit to rest before the investors arrive. With a ticking clock and a room filled with secrets, can you separate smoke and mirrors from reality? 

HaZard Pay

Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-fueled scenario of “HaZard Pay”. As part of a mercenary military group, The Commander gave a critical mission – retrieve the all-important antidote for a lurking virus that’s quickly turning humans into zombies. Every corner turned is a potential danger. Every decision could be the difference between human survival and a world overridden by the undead. 

You must rely on your intelligence, courage, and team spirit to overcome the challenges and secure the antidote before facing The Commander’s wrath. Can you save the world in the nick of time? In “HaZard Pay”, every choice counts – will you make the right one?

Navigate Mind-Bending Puzzles In Kissimmee's Premier Escape Room Games

Nobody looking for a fun activity in Kissimmee, FL, deserves to experience the frustration of being underwhelmed by the lack of options. With the same attractions and activities, it can turn pretty dull after a while.

At The Escape Hatch, we understand this struggle and empathize with those seeking a memorable experience. Our escape room games offer an immersive and thrilling adventure that sets us apart from the typical attractions in your area. 

We provide unique experiences that ignite your imagination and create moments of pure excitement. What are you waiting for? Book one now: 

  1. Check out our captivating escape rooms.
  2. Book the game you liked the most.
  3. Experience the thrill of success.

Ready for an adventure like no other? Book your escape room event at The Escape Hatch today, and let the excitement begin!

Roger St Laurent
Roger St Laurent
My group went here yesterday (1/15/22). So much fun and very challenging. We tried the zombie themed rooms. Unfortunately we were on the last puzzle when the timer ran out. That hr really flies by. Very engaging though and would definitely try again.
Disney Bears
Disney Bears
We had a fantastic time, and will go again. My 13 year old has autism and he has asked us about this for the the past few months, this will absolutely be added to our family game night routine.
Naeemah Gary
Naeemah Gary
Wonderful time! Definitely recommend this location. Crew captain was patient, helpful and friendly.
Jeremy Lopez
Jeremy Lopez
It was a nice experience it’s fun and Julie is super super super nice
Erich Short
Erich Short
Great time! Room was set up very well! Staff was great! Highly recommend!
Cassie Magera
Cassie Magera
The escape room was great! We did the Christmas Caper and it was lots of fun. Everyone was friendly and helpful and the room looked awesome! I'd definitely recommend it!
Prissis Cyntoya
Prissis Cyntoya
This was my first Escape Room experience & I had a blast, my guide Curt was amazing at setting the scene and making our experience an enjoyable one. Cant wait to return & try another room @ The Escape Hatch


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